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It happens to all of us …

One day you are just loving life, not a care in the world, or worse yet, you are just getting by and the world just gets worse. We were just Fat Dumb & Wonderful and nothing was going to change that, well until something does. What now? The bubble has been burst and like most of us you are now overweight, ignorant to how to change it, and wonderful is no longer a word in your vocabulary. The “starting out” phase of reconstructing yourself just plain sucks, and the embarrassment of asking for help makes it all that much worse. This is where we come in. This site is Jeremy Crow’s way of sharing all of the things he and other’s learned along the way when they finally had to overcome being Fat Dumb and Wonderful. Not all information contained on this site, and in the blogs are 100% our own. There is a lot to be said for Practical Experience and Practical Advice. Although we would love to tell you conclusively about how wonderful we have done things, we just can’t because it would be a lie. Many of the things we have done along the way have been pretty bad, and we want you to know how “not to do” things as well as how to do them. Don’t get hung up on things that might be more of a “do as I say not as I have done” nature because good advice always trumps bad form. Like many of you have probably found out, you have to sometimes learn how not to do something to care about how it is done at all. Here’s to the new you!

Are you looking for some help?

Our library of health and gym resources, is growing everyday. When a new gym term, or health term comes along you can expect to find it in the Gym Dictionary. On the off chance that you don’t find it in the Gym Dictionary feel free to shoot me an e-mail, and I will ask one of my meat head friends at the gym what it means, add it to the dictionary, and e-mail you back. I have no pride. If it is new or better exercises that you need then the Workout Encyclopedia is what you are probably after. We try to add new things when they come along, so feel free to check back often. Again if you need something that isn’t listed, then feel free to shoot me an e-mail..
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