Ankle Inversion (BowFlex)

Muscles worked: This exercise strengthens and develops the muscles on the inside of your lower legs (tibialis anterior and posterior). These muscles are essential for standing balance, support/alignment of the knee, and lateral agility of the ankle. Pulley position: Narrow. Starting position: • Sit on the bench with one side of your body facing the Power Rods®. • Attach the handle around the ball of the foot closest to the pulley. • Straighten the attached leg and sit up straight. • Allow the foot to rotate toward the Power Rods®, keeping tension in the cables. Motion: • Keeping your leg stationary, slowly rotate your foot away from the Power Rods®. • Slowly return to the starting position without relaxing. Key points: • Movement should occur only at the ankle, keep the rest of your body motionless. • You should feel tension in the inside of your calf throughout the entire motion. NOTE: Both the Ankle Inversion and Ankle Eversion exercises will be easier if you utilize this unique cuff placement. Simply separate the cuff from the handle, sliding the handle half way between the cable D-ring and the cuff. Fold the cuff in half and place the foot through with the cuff and D- ring on the inside of the foot for eversion and outside of the foot for inversion.
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