Calf Press (BowFlex Seated)

Ankle Plantarflexion (knee stabilized in slight flexion) Muscles worked: This exercise is great for emphasizing the muscles of your lower leg or calf (gastrocnemius and soleus), which are responsible for raising and lowering your heels at the ankle joint. Strength and power in these muscles are essential for all sports and daily activities. Pulley position: Narrow. Starting position: • Remove the bench and unlock the rowing seat. • Sit on the seat facing the Power Rods® with the leg press belt attached and adjusted. • Place the balls of your feet on the upright pulley frame as shown. • Lift your chest, tighten your abs and maintain a very slight arch in your lower back. • Push back and straighten your legs (but do not lock your knees) and maintain this position. • You may rest your hands around the sides of the belt, on the sides of the seat, or you may fold your arms across your chest, whichever is more comfortable. Motion: • Slowly press the balls of your feet into the frame and pull your heels toward your knees • Slowly return to the starting position without relaxing. Key points: • Do not lose contact between the balls of your feet and the frame as you push. • Do not change your hip or knee position, ONLY ankle motion should be allowed.
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