Crunch (BowFlex Resisted)

Spinal Flexion Muscles worked: This exercise emphasizes the abdominal area including the upper and lower front abs (rectus abdominus) and the side abs (obliques). Pulley position: Wide or narrow. Starting position: • While seated in the 45 degree position, spread the cuffs from the handles and put the arms through, positioning each cuff around the front of the respective shoulder. • Your lower back can start out flat or in a normal arch, knees and hips are bent and your feet are flat on the floor. Motion: • Tighten your abs and curl only your torso, slowly moving your ribs toward your hips. Move as far as you can without moving the hips or neck. THE LOWER BACK SHOULD NOT LOSE CONTACT WITH THE BENCH when fully crunched. • Slowly reverse the motion returning to the starting position, without relaxing. Key points: • Allow exhalation up and inhalation down, don’t exaggerate it. • Do not lift your head/chin. Your head should follow the rib motion, not lead, allowing you to maintain normal neck posture. • Tighten your abdominals throughout the entire exercise range of motion. Do not let your abs relax until the set is over. • MOVING SLOWLY to eliminate momentum is critical. • This exercise will NOT spot-reduce fat!
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