Crunch (BowFlex Reverse Standard)

Spinal Flexion Muscles worked: This exercise works your entire abdominal area including your upper and lower front abs (rectus abdominus) and your side abs (obliques). Pulley position: None. Starting position: • With the bench in the flat position, lie on your back with your head toward the Power Rods®. • Bend your knees fully. • The amount of bend at the hips based on desired difficulty. Beginners should be fully bent, bringing the legs near the abs. As strength improves the legs can be positioned farther away. DETERMINE THESE POSITIONS AND MAINTAIN THROUGHOUT THE EXERCISE. • Reach overhead grasp either the bench, or the metal frame, with each hand. • Relax your neck. Motion: • Tighten your abs and slowly curl your hips toward your rib cage. Move as far as you can without using your legs to get momentum and do not curl up onto your shoulder blades. • Slowly reverse the motion returning to the starting position without relaxing. Key points: • Tighten your abs before you move. • Keep knees and hips stationary. • Allow exhalation up and inhalation down without exaggerating breathing. • Contract as far into the movement as possible. Lower under control. Keep abs tight during the entire motion. • This exercise will NOT spot-reduce fat!
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