Deadlift (Barbell Stiff Leg)

Target Muscles: Hamstrings, Gluteus, Lower Back Starting Position: 1. Grasp a barbell with your hands slightly wider than shoulder- width apart, using an overhand grip. 2. Stand up straight, looking directly ahead. The Movement: 1. Keep your back flat and legs nearly straight. 2. Bend forwards from the hips until your back is parallel to the ground. You should feel a stretch in your hamstrings and glutes. As you bend forwards, your hips and glutes should move backwards and your body should be centred through your heels. 3. At the bottom of the movement, do not allow the weight to touch the floor and don't round your back. 4. Hold for a count of one then forcefully contract your gluteus and hamstrings to raise your torso back into the erect starting position. Tips: • Keep your back flat. Rounding your back will increase the risk of injury. • Do not lower the bar too far. The bar should be hanging at arms' length below you. Going below this point hyper flexes the spine, putting it in a vulnerable position and increasing injury risk to the lower back.
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