Fly (Cable Upper Chest)

Target Muscles: Pectoralis major (mid chest), Anterior deltoids Starting Position: 1. Attach the handles to two low pulley machines. 2. Hold the handles, palms facing down, and stand midway between the machines with your feet hip-width apart or with one foot in front of the other for balance. Your arms should be fully extended so you achieve a good stretch in your pectorals. 3. Bend forwards slightly from the waist and maintain this position throughout the exercise. The Movement: 1. Draw the handles towards each other in an arcing motion, aiming for a point approxi­mately 30 cm in front of your face. 2. When the handles meet, squeeze your pectorals hard and hold for a count of two. 3. Slowly return the handles to the starting position. Tips: • Keep your back erect and elbows slightly bent (at 10-15°) throughout the movement. • Focus on using your chest muscles to perform the movement - do not curl your shoulders forwards as you bring the handles together. • You can vary the angle at which you pull the handles down to place emphasis on slightly different areas of the chest.
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