Hip Abduction (BowFlex Seated)

Muscles worked: This exercise will not burn off fat from your outer thighs or make them smaller! There is no exercise that will burn fat from a specific area. This exercise will, however, strengthen the muscles on the sides of your hips, which in the seated (hip flexed) position includes the piriformis and gluteus maximus. Pulley position: Wide. Starting position: • Sit with one side near the Power Rods®, and attach a handle/strap to the ankle farthest from the machine. • Adjust your position away from the machine so that tension is created. • Sit straight, lift your chest, tighten your abs and maintain a very slight arch in your lower back. Motion: • Slowly move the attached leg outward away from the pulley, keeping your hips and spine perfectly still. • Slowly control the leg back toward the pulley, returning to the starting position. Key points: • Do not use this exercise for losing fat from your thighs. It will not make your thighs smaller. Use it to develop hip strength and stability. • Keep your spine straight and your hips level.
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