Hip Adduction (BowFlex Seated)

Muscles worked: This exercise will not burn off fat from your inner thighs or make them smaller! There is no exercise that will burn fat from a specific area. This exercise will, however, strengthen the muscles on the insides of your thighs (adductor muscle groups). It also works the muscles on the outside of your hip (gluteus medius) on the side that you are standing on. Use very light resistance and small range of motion on this exercise. Think of this exercise as a tool for challenging your ability to stabilize your hip and stand on one leg. Pulley position: Wide. Starting position: • Sit one side near the Power Rods®, and attach a handle/strap just above the calf (below the knee) on the leg nearest the pulley. • Adjust your position away from the machine so that tension is created. • Bend the leg farthest from the machine and place the foot flat on the platform. Straighten your exercising leg and hold it just off the ground. • Sit straight, lift your chest, tighten your abs and maintain a very slight arch in your lower back. Motion: • Keeping your hips and spine perfectly still, slowly move your attached leg toward the center/ midline, away from the pulley. • Slowly control the leg back toward the pulley, returning to the starting position. Key points: • Do not use this exercise for losing fat from your thighs. It will not make your thighs smaller. Use it to develop hip strength and stability. • Keep your hips and spine perfectly still.
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