Knee Lift (Flat Bench)

Target Muscles: Rectus abdominis (especially the lower part), Hip flexors Starting Position: 1. Sit on the edge of a flat bench so that you can balance with little assistance from your hands. 2. Straighten out your body so that your heels are an inch or two off the floor. The Movement: 1. Bring your knees up as close to your chin as possible. 2. Hold for a count of two; then slowly return your legs to the starting  position. Tips: • Do not swing your knees up or use the momentum of your legs. Use  the strength of your abdominals to move your hips and legs. • For maximal results, raise your legs to approximately 30-45° to the  horizontal. The abs shorten only when your legs go past parallel-  below this point, they hold a static contraction as the hip flexors raise  the legs. • To make the exercise easier, bend your knees to reduce the  resistance
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