Leg Kickback (BowFlex Kneeling)

Hip extension and knee extension Muscles worked: This exercise strengthens and develops the muscles of your buttocks area (gluteus maximus). Remember, there is no such thing as “spot reduction.” Do not do this exercise because you believe it will remove fat from this area — do it to strengthen and build these muscles. Pulley position: Narrow. Starting position: • Face the Power Rods®, standing along side the bench. • Secure the cuff around the foot farthest from the bench. • Kneel with closest leg on the bench, bend forward at the hips (not the waist) and place the hands on the bench. • Bend the hip and knee while maintaining tension from the cable. Motion: • Extend your entire leg backward, straightening the knee. • Slowly move your leg backward as far as you can, without allowing ANY movement to occur at your waist. • Then slowly return to the starting position. Key points: • Do not allow your waist, lower back or supportive hip to move. • Keep your abs tight throughout the entire exercise. NOTE: The Kneeling Leg Kickback utilizes a unique cuff placement. Simply separate the cuff from the handle, sliding the handle half way between the cable D-ring and the cuff. Place the toes/ball of your foot between the handle and cable D-ring, positioning the handle under the arch of the foot. Then slip the cuff over the heel of the shoe.
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