Resisted Punch (BowFlex)

Shoulder Flexion, Elbow Extension and Scapular Protraction Muscles worked: This exercise involves the entire chest muscle, the front shoulder muscles (anterior deltoid, a portion of the middle deltoid) and the triceps, located on the back of the upper arms.The goal however, is not any specific muscle group. It is to be used with very light resistance for an endurance activity. Pulley position: Narrow only. Starting position: • With the bench flat and locked in the back position against the lat tower, sit facing away from the Power Rods®. • Reach straight behind your body, grasp the handles with an overhand grip so that the cable will lay between your arm and your torso. • Bend your elbows until your hands are level with your waistline and your palms are facing your torso. • Maintain erect posture. Motion: • Using a moderate speed and light weight, rotate your trunk and press one arm forward to full extension, allowing the shoulder blade to move forward at the end of the punch. • Return that arm to the starting position — under control — and repeat with the other arm. • As an alternative to punching straight forward you may also punch upward at an angle in line with the cable. Optional motions: • Bilateral movement – both arms pressing forward at the same time. • Unilateral movement – performing all reps with one arm before moving to the next. • Alternating – performing one rep on one side and then the next rep on the other side. • Simultaneously alternating – both arms moving, although in opposite directions (one pressing while the other is returning). Key points: • Maintain an upright, erect posture as your trunk twists/rotates with the punch. • It is important to note that "sport specific" movements will not necessarily improve the skill associated with a sport.
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