Rotator Cuff In (BowFlex Seated)

External Rotation Muscles worked: This exercise emphasizes the rear portion of the rotator cuff (infraspinatus and teres minor muscles). This area generally gets very weak as we age and needs to be addressed by almost everyone. Pulley position: Wide or narrow. Starting position: • Sit on the bench with one side toward the Power Rods®. Maintain good spinal alignment. • Using the arm farthest from the rods, reach across your body, grasp the handle nearest you and draw that arm back into your side, keeping your elbow bent. • Allow your forearm to rest against your abdomen and your elbow against your side, taking out some of the slack or tension in the cables. Motion: • Rotate your forearm away from your abdomen and out to the side, keeping your elbow/upper arm by your side during the entire motion. • Slowly return to the starting position. Key points: • Control the motion during the entire exercise. • Do not rotate the spine to get additional range of motion. Try for "pure" external rotation of the shoulder joint. More is not better! • Use light resistance only. Pick a resistance that allows you to perform 12 — 15 reps.
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