Row PowerBlocks (Single Arm Kneeling)

Muscles worked: Latissimus dorsi, trapezius, rhomboids, Infraspinatus, Teres major and minor, Biceps, Posterior deltoids Starting Position: 1. Hold a PowerBlock (or Dumbbell) in your right hand, palm facing your body. 2. Bend forwards from the hips, placing your left hand and knee on a bench to stabilize yourself. Your back should be flat and almost horizontal and your right arm fully extended. The Movement: 1. Pull the PowerBlock (or Dumbbell) up towards your waist, drawing your elbow back as far as it can go. Keep the PowerBlock (or Dumbbell) close to your body. 2. Allow the PowerBlock (or Dumbbell) to touch your rib cage lightly. Pause for a count of one; then slowly lower the PowerBlock (or Dumbbell) until your arm is fully extended. 3. After completing the required number of repetitions, perform the exercise with your left arm. Tips: • Keep your lower back flat and still- do not twist your trunk. • Make sure you row the PowerBlock (or Dumbbell) to the side of your rib cage - do not pull the PowerBlock (oe Dumbbell) up to your shoulder.
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