Scapular Retraction (BowFlex Seated)

Muscles worked: This exercise develops the muscles between your shoulder blades (middle trapezius and rhomboids), that pull your shoulder blades together and are essential to good posture. Pulley position: Narrow only. Starting position: • Sit on the bench facing the Power Rods®. • Grab handles with palms facing each other. • Place heels on the end of the platform, bend hips and knees comfortably, arms straight. • Lift your chest, sit up straight with your spine in good alignment and tighten your trunk muscles. Motion: • Keeping your arms straight, slowly pinch your shoulder blades together. • When your shoulder blades are fully retracted, slowly return to the starting position. Key points: • Do not bend your torso forward. • Do not lose spinal alignment – keep chest lifted. • Do not bend and pull with your arm muscles.
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