Shoulder Press (Cable Standing)

Target Muscles: Anterior and medial deltoids, Upper Pectoralis major, Triceps, Shoulder girdle muscles (Trapezius, Supraspinatus) Starting Position: 1. Stand between two evenly placed cable towers,. 2. Place your feet and knees together, grab the opposite cables in each hand holding the snap back balls or handles. The Movement: 1. Press the Cables upwards and inwards until they almost touch over your head. Straighten your arms but do not lock out your elbows. Hold momentarily. 2. Lower the Cables slowly back to the starting position. Tips: • Keep your torso upright - don't lean backwards or arch your spine as you press the cables upwards as this will strain your lower back. • Hold your abdominal muscles taut to help stabilize your spine or, if you are using a very heavy weight, wear a weightlifting belt. • Lower the cables until they touch your shoulders. Don't shorten the movement.
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