Triceps Extension (BowFlex Single Arm Cross)

Elbow Flexion (in pronation) Muscles worked: This exercise develops the triceps muscle located on the back of the upper arms. Pulley position: Wide only. Starting position: • Seated in the 45 degree position, reach across and straight behind your body, grasp a handle, and bend your elbow until your hand is near your chest. • Keeping knees bent and feet flat on the floor, lay your head back against the bench and straighten your arm to the front. • Then, reaching across mid-line, grasp the handle, palm down, with the opposite arm. • Pointing your elbow upward, hold your upper arm at an angle consistent with the angle of the cable. • With your free hand lightly grasp the back of your arm near your elbow, to give yourself a reference point and/or to help stabilize the working arm. • Raise your chest and slightly "pinch" your shoulder blades together. Maintain a very slight arch in your lower back. Motion: • Keeping your upper arm stationary, straighten your arm, moving your hand in an arcing motion across your chest and over your shoulder. • Fully straighten your arm. • Controlling the motion, allow your elbow to bend, returning to the starting position without moving your upper arm. Key points: • Keep your upper arm motionless. • Keep wrist straight. • Tighten your triceps throughout the exercise and control the motion on the way down.
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