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We’ve been assembling a list of gym terms, gym speak and other gym related words and expressions for a few years now. The list is far from complete but we add a few more things weekly. If there is a term, or miuscle or any other form of lingo that makes you feel awkward or confused, then this is a good place to look for what it actually means.

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Juice A slang term referring to anabolic steroids. Ketosis Ketosis is the result of eating too little carbohydrate. Being in ketosis tends to reduce your feelings of hunger. Carbohydrate deprivation also causes dehydration. However, there is a distinction between losing water and losing body fat, although the two are sometimes confused. If your visit your doctor or pharmacist they can test for ketosis. If upon testing for ketosis, you realize that your body is deficit of carbohydrates, be sure to increase the total intake of carbohydrates in your diet; do not let your body go into a state of ketosis. Lactic Acid A product given off during aerobic respiration. Lactic acid was once thought to be strictly a waste product, however, recent evidence suggests that a version of lactic acid called lactate is used by the liver to replenish glycogen supplies. Latissimus Dorsi Muscle The Latissimus dorsi muscle is one of the largest in the body. It is a powerful extensor muscle of the arm and is used extensively in chinning and climbing. Layoff Most bodybuilders take a one to two week layoff from bodybuilding training from time to time. During this time, no exercise is done whatsoever. A layoff after a period of intense precompetition training is particularly benegicial as a means of allowing the body to completely rest, recuperate, and heal any minor training injuries that might have cropped up during the peaking cycle. Lean Body Mass That part of the body including the muscles, bones, and connective tissue which remains when all body fat has been eliminated from the physique (It is not possible to maintain a 0 percent body fat percentage, however). Levator Scapulae Muscle Shrugging the shoulders (scapula elevation) requires the use of levator scapulae and Trapezius. Ligament The tough connective tissue that strengthens, supports and limits the movement of bones that form joints. Lipolysis The breakdown or destruction of lipids of fats. Lipolytic The chemical breakdown of fat. Log See Weight Training Log Long Bar These bars are commonly used in exercises for the back, such as lat pulldowns. The advantage of the long bar is that you can adjust the width depending on how you would like to work the exercises. Masculinization General term used to describe the host of side effects experienced by female users of anabolic steroids. Common effects include deepening of the voice, facial hair growth, and clitoral enlargement. Mass The relative size of each muscle group, or of the entire physique. As long as you also have a high degree of muscularity and good balance of physical proportions, muscle mass is a highly prized quality among competitive bodybuilders. Megadosing The practice of taking athletic drugs and supplements in dosages far beyond those needed to obtain a desired effect. Mesomorph The mesomorph body type has a medium sized bone structure, and makes gains in muscle mass much more quickly than the other two types. He responds quickly to planned exercise and to dietary discipline Metabolic Optimizer General term used to describe any supplement that boosts an athlete's recovery system. Most metabolic optimizers contain a substance that is reputed to offer some degree of performance enhancement. Metabolism The sum total of all biochemical reactions that take place in the human body. Metabolism can be divided into anabolism and catabolism, the sum total which determines whether an individual gains or loses weight. Mineral A naturally occurring inorganic element used for the regulation of metabolism. Multifidus Muscle Multifidus is a series of small muscles which travel up the length of the spine. It is an important muscle in the rehabilitation of Gilmore's Groin and lower back pain. Muscle Contraction Any of five types of movement caused by muscular work. See Isometric Contraction, Concentric Contraction, Eccentric Contraction, Isotonic Contraction, and Isokinetic Contraction. Muscle Atrophy See Atrophy Muscle Dysmorphia Muscle Dysmorphia is a newly diagnosed disorder characterized by a prolonged period of almost continuous eating, resulting in hypertrophy of the limbs and interrupted by bodybuilding training in the gym. Those who suffer from muscle dysmorphia always see their body as being too small, no matter how much weight they can, or how large their muscles become. The sufferer lives in a constant fear of being too small. Muscle Hypertrophy See Hypertrophy Muscularity An alternative term for definition or cuts. Myofibril An individual muscle fiber formed by muscle cells being attached end to end. Nautilus A brand of exercise machine in common use in large gyms. Used when bodybuilders want to add variety to their workouts. For example, doing front squats on a Nautilus squat machine as opposed to free weight squats for a workout. Negative (Rep) The downward half of a repetition, also known as the eccentric contraction. By placing resistance on the negative half of the movement, you can induce a high degree of muscular hypertrophy. Nitrogen A gaseous, nonmetallic element. Nitrogen is a component of all proteins. Nitrogen is essential to the synthesis of proteins the body must have, particularly nitrogen - containing compounds or amino acids derived directly or indirectly from plant food. The process of protein metabolism accounts for nitrogen balance. When protein catabolism exceeds protein anabolism, a negative nitrogen balance exists in the body. When protein anabolism exceeds protein catabolism, a positive nitrogen balance exists in the body. NPC The National Physique Committee, Inc., which administers men's and women's amateur bodybuilding competitions in the United States. THe NPC National Champions in each weight class are annually sent abroad to compete in the IFBB World Championships. Nutrition The applied science of eating for greater health, fitness, and muscular gains. Through correct application of nutritional practices you can selectively add muscle mass to your physique, or lose body fat, revealing your full genetic potential, and achieving a very self gratifying goal.
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