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We’ve been assembling a list of gym terms, gym speak and other gym related words and expressions for a few years now. The list is far from complete but we add a few more things weekly. If there is a term, or miuscle or any other form of lingo that makes you feel awkward or confused, then this is a good place to look for what it actually means.

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Olympian A term reserved for use when referring only to a bodybuilder who has competed in the Mr. Olympia or Ms. Olympia competitions. Not to be confused with the more common meaning of the term, which refers to those athletes who have competed in the Olympic games. Olympic Barbell A special type of barbell used in weight - lifting and power - lifting competitions, but also used by bodybuilders in heavy basic exercises such as bench press, squat and deadlifting (the three basic powerlifting movements, which can also be incorporated into bodybuilding). Each bar weighs 45 lbs (20 kg). The collars used in powerlifting and weightlifting weigh 5.5 lbs (2.5 kg). Collars at your gym may vary in weight, however. Olympic Lifting The type of weight lifting contested at the Olympic Games every four years, as well as at national and international competitions each year. The two lifts (the snatch and the clean - and - jerk) are contested in a wide variety of weight classes. Overload The amount of weight that you force a muscle to use that is over and above its normal strength ability. Applying an overload to a muscle forces it to increase in hypertrophy. Overtraining Chronically exceeding the body's recovery ability by doing too lengthy and . or too frequent workouts. Chronic overtraining can lead to injuries, infectious illness and worse a cessation or even regression in gains of a muscle mass, tone, and strength. Ovo-vegetarian A diet excluding all meat and dairy products except eggs. Passive Stretch A partner assists you in moving joints through their ranges of motion. You can achieve a greater range of motion passively than you can statically. However, because you are not controlling the movement, there is a greater risk of injury. Passive stretching is a valuable technique but should only be used by experienced people who thoroughly understand the technique. There must also be good communication between the people performing and receiving the passive stretches. Peak The absolute Zenith of competitive condition achieved by a bodybuilder. To peak out optimally for a bodybuilding show, you must intelligently combine bodybuilding training, aerobic workouts, diet, mental conditioning, tanning, and a large number of other preparatory factors. Peaking See Peak Pectineus Muscle Pectineus is positioned between the Iliopsoas and Adductor Longus muscles and is part of the short adductor group with adductors brevis and longus. Pectoralis Major Muscle Pectoralis major is the largest and most superficial of the chest muscles, Its action depends on the position of the arm. Pectoralis minor Muscle The Pectoralis Minor muscle is the smallest of the two pectoral (chest) muscles. It works together with Serratus anterior which protracts and rotates the scapula upwards. Peroneus Brevis Muscle Peroneus Brevis everts (turn outwards) the foot and plantar flex the ankle. Peroneus Longus Muscle Peroneus Longus is one of the peroneals muscle group which pass down the outside of the lower leg and evert (turn out) the foot. Pesco-vegetarian A diet including dairy products, eggs and fish, but excluding fowl and red meat. Piriformis Muscle The Piriformis muscle is an important muscle. The sciatic nerve passes underneath this muscle on its route down to the posterior thigh. Placebo Effect Pharmacological term used to describe the effects produced by an intert (inactive) substance. Often called "mind over matter", the placebo effect is used to explain the positive actions of many supplements which are in many cases nothing more than nutrients. Plantar Flexion Moving the top of the foot away from the shin, that is, pointing the toes down, as in heel raises. Plates The flat discs placed on the ends of the barbell and dumbbell bars to increase the weight of the apparatus. Although some plates are made from vinyl - covered concrete, the best and most durable plates are manufactured from metal. Popliteus Muscle Popliteus is a small muscle which is often described as the key of the knee joint. It unlocks the knee joint by rotating the femur at the beginning of knee flexion to allow full knee flexion to occur. Pose Each individual stance that a bodybuilder does onstage in order to highlight his or her muscular development. Posedown A forth round of judging conducted at the evening show in which the top six competitors are compared in their own choices of poses for a few, final, vital placing points. Posing Routine The well - choreographed series of individual poses a bodybuilder presents to his or her choice of music in the public presentation (Round Three) of the NPC / IFBB judging system. In this posing routine the competitor can choose individual poses, as opposed to the required poses done in the manadatory round at the prejudging, and thereby camouflaging weak points and emphasizing particularly well - developed areas. Positive Nitrogen Balance Biochemical state where nitrogen levels are sufficiently high enough to allow protein synthesis to occur. Positive nitrogen balance is one of the conditions accelerated by the use of anabolic steroids. Posterior Used to describe the position of a structure when it is behind another comparable structure, as the posterior (or rear) head of the deltoid. Poundage The amount of weight that you use in an exercise, whether that weight is on a barbell, dumbbell, or exercise machine. Power In bodybuilding and power lifting, this is strength, of the ability to use very heavy poundages on all basic movements. In a sports context, power is the ability to move heavy weights explosively. Power Lifting A second form of competitive weight lifting (not contested at the Olympics, however) featuring three lifts, the squat, the bench press, and the deadlift. Power lifting is contested both nationally and internationally in a wide variety of weight and age classes for both men and women. Power Rack A power rack is a safety apparatus that has two thick adjustable steel pins that the barbell rests upon. Bodybuilders and powerlifters use the power rack to perform squats, shrugs, deadlifts and presses. Pre-Exhaustion A technique used primarily on torso-muscle groups (chest, back, shoulders) which makes the weaker arm muscles temporarily stronger than normal, so basic exercises like bench press, lat machine pulldowns, and standing barbell presses can be pushed far past the point at which a bodybuilder would fail to continue a set. Preex involves supersetting an isolation exercise for a particular torso muscle (for example, flat bench flyes for the pecotral muscles) with a basic movement (for example, bench presses) for the same muscle. Pre-judging Judging of the first two rounds of the IFBB judging system during a morning or afternoon session separate from the evening public presenation at which Round Three is judged. Progression The act of gradually adding the amount of resistance that you use in each exercise. Without consistent progression in your workouts, you won't overload your muscles sufficiently to promote optimum increases in hypertrophy. Pronation You pronate your hand when you turn the palm down. Pronator Quadratus Muscle Pronator Quadratus works in conjunction with Triceps Brachii during pronation with elbow extension. Pronator Teres Muscle Pronator Teres works the hardest when the elbow is flexing and the hand simultaneously pronating. Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation (PNF) PNF techniques are used to improve strength and flexibility. The technique attempts to use reflexes initiated by muscle and joint receptors to cause greater training effects. The most popular PNF stretching technique is the contract - relax stretching method. The muscle is actively contracted before it is stretched. Static stretching is generally preferred over PNF. Protein General term used to describe molecules composed of specific sequences of amino acids. Protein is the body's primary building material and while small amounts can be manufactured, most must be consumed in the diet. Protein Drinks Another option to maintain your total protein intake for the day is to take the product in liquid form. The most common are protein drinks available in small bottles, generally 500 ml or less. They are moderately priced and conveniently sized, making them very easy to drink whether at home or at the gym. Protein Metabolism The processes whereby protein foodstuffs are used by the body to make tissue proteins, together with the processes of breakdown of tissue proteins in the production of energy. Food proteins are first broken down into amino acids, then absorbed into the bloodstream, and finally used in body cells to form new proteins. Amino acids in excess of the body's needs may be converted by the liver enzymes into keto acids and urea. The keto acids may be used as sources of energy via the Krebs citric acid cycle, or they may be converted into glucose or fat for storage. Urea is excreted in urine and sweat. Pump A commonly used bodybuilding term is "the pump". "The pump" occurs when your muscles swell up beyond their normal size by a considerable amount. Looking at yourself in the mirror, you will look bigger, and likely show appear more vascular and defined as well as being more confident in yourself. This pump is normally fast to achieve and shouldn't take much more than four sets. I find a really good way to pump up is to do pushups until I reach failure, and normally my chest will look bigger than ever. A good pump can be felt and noticed throughout the entire workout if done properly. Oxygen and nutrients will continually to be brought into the area being exercised during intense weight training activity. Blood is forced into the area being exercised but not drawn out. This extra blood stays in there for some period, causing it to swell and appear noticeably bigger. A reason why many people like to pump up before they pose for a picture is to take advantage of this difference in size which occurs. See also Bodybuilder's High Pump Set A high - rep set, usually in the range of 15 to 20 repetitions, of a basic exercise which is done after a peak weight has been handled in that movement. Usually a pump set is the last one done on a particular basic movement. A pump set is also sometimes called a down set.
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