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We’ve been assembling a list of gym terms, gym speak and other gym related words and expressions for a few years now. The list is far from complete but we add a few more things weekly. If there is a term, or miuscle or any other form of lingo that makes you feel awkward or confused, then this is a good place to look for what it actually means.

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Unsaturated Fatty Acids Fat molecules which have double bonds between their carbon atoms are usually liquid at room temperature. Generally speaking, as the number of double bonds increase, the fat becomes more oily in nature. Unstriated Muscle See Smooth Muscle Vascularity A prominence of veins and arteries over the muscles and beneath the skin of a well - defined bodybuilder. Vascularity can be enhanced by properly carbing up prior to appearance onstage at a competition. Vastus Intermedius Muscle Vastus Intermedius is one of four quadricep muscles, located deep in the thigh underneath the Rectus Femoris muscle. Vastus Lateralis Muscle Vastus Lateralis is the most lateral (outer) of the four quadriceps muscles and is felt on the outside top of the thigh. Vastus Medialis Muscle Vastus Medialis is the most medially (inner) located of the quadricep muscles. The portion of the muscle just above the knee is known as VMO (vastus medialis oblique). Vegan A diet excluding all foods from animals, in any form. Items such as milk, cheese, and eggs are excluded. Vitamin Organic compound used by the body to regulate metabolism. Vitamins may be water - based or fat - based. Volume Training The use of very high number sets for each bodypart. The high volume of a workout necessitates the use of lighter - than - normal weights in each exercise, but it does build muscle in some individuals. Warm Up Before you pick up any weights, even a two pound dumbbell, you should always remember to warm up. You can do this by taking five easy minutes on the aerobic exercise machine. Warm ups increase the temperature of your muscles, making them more pliable and less susceptible to injury. If you plan to so a particularly heavy workout, such as a powerlifting routine, you should warm up for 10 minutes prior to attempting that kind of poundage. Various warm ups may include one of the following activities Walking, jogging, stair climbing, stationary biking, aerobic rowing machine cross country ski machine doing many repetitions with the empty bar (bench press, military press). 10 to 15 minute session of light calisthenics, aerobic activity, and stretching taken prior to handling heavy bodybuilding training movements. A good warm - up helps prevent injuries and actually allows you to get more our of your training than if you went into a workout totally cold. Water Bottle You will need more water if you begin a weight training program, especially on the days you are working out, and even more importantly, during your actual workouts. A water bottle is a must. WBF The World Bodybuilding Federation, founded in 1990 to offer competition for bodybuilders not interested in the IFBB system. Weight The same as poundage or resistance. Weight Class In order for bodybuilders to compete against men and women or similar size, the IFBB has instituted weight divisions for all amateur competitions. The normal men's weight classes are under 70 kilograms (154 pounds), under 80 kilograms (175 pounds), under 90 kilograms (198 pounds), and over 90 kilograms (over 198 pounds, term "heavyweight"). In a minority of competitions, particularly in the Far East, one additional class, under 65 kilograms (143 pounds) is also contested. Women compete in three weight classes, under 114 pounds, under 123 pounds, and over 123 pounds. Weight Lifting The competitive form of weight training in which each athlete attempts to lift as much as he or she can in well - defined exercises. Olympic lifting and power lifting are the two types of weight - lifting competition. Weight Training An umbrella term used to categorize all acts of using resistance training. Weight training can be used to improve the body, to rehabilitate injuries, to improve sports conditioning, or as a competitive activity in terms of bodybuilding and weight lifting. Weight Training Log Recording your workouts in a weight training log is a good idea. It keeps you motivated, and helps you to assess your goals frequently. Working Set The set(s) you perform after finishing a warm up or stretching. Workout A bodybuilding or weight - training session. Wraps Wraps are used to support weak or injured joints or muscles. Wraps are used around the knees for weight training athletes performing heavy squats, or around the elbows during bench press.
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